South Pacific Pictures is one of New Zealand’s largest screen production companies and has an international reputation for producing world-class television and film. The company is in its 34th year of operation and to date has produced more than 6000 hours of programming. Drama series and serials, feature films, and more recently, entertainment, reality programming and documentaries are all part of the programming mix. The current slate includes work for New Zealand, Australian, Canadian and UK broadcasters.

South Pacific Pictures’ business partners include:
South Pacific Pictures owns a 50% share in Satellite Media, a mixed-media production company specialising in understanding music, entertainment and promotional content and how to best deliver it in the right medium.  Satellite’s production services span Interactive, Television, Magazines, Digital Video and Innovations.

Kura Productions, is partnership between Te Ataraiti Waretini and South Pacific Pictures and offers a range of programming to Maori Television Service and other broadcasters in New Zealand.