Advice for Writers

Does South Pacific Pictures accept unsolicited submissions?

  • Whether it is an idea that just came to mind, or a fully developed script, we do not accept unsolicited materials or ideas. 

How does South Pacific Pictures find ideas to create original television programmes and films?

  • Through our relationships with the creative community, NZ Writers Guild and Script to Screen.
  • Through targeted talent searches and requests for specific proposals – keep an eye on our website or facebook page for these.
  • We are the largest employer of film and television writers in New Zealand and often generate ideas internally. 

How does South Pacific Pictures find writers for their television programmes and films?

  • We have given a number of new writers their first break through Shortland Street.  New writers can complete an audition kit, writing dialogue based on a storyline from the show.  All submissions are assessed, and the best go on to join the pool of writers for the programme.  If you are interested in trialling, contact the Script Producer email: with your CV and ask to be sent a test kit.  If you can prove your talent at this stage, we will be happy to consider using your abilities on our future projects.
  • We hold regular get-togethers for new writers – please send your CV to if you are interested in attending
  • Word of mouth – we suggest you brush up on your networking skills and join the Writers Guild, sign up for the Script to Screen newsletter and attend industry seminars etc.