The Brokenwood Mysteries

South Pacific Pictures


The boys are back! They’re five years older, but are they any wiser? Five years ago the Duckrockers thought they had figured it all out - they had found themselves girlfriends to take to Sione’s wedding and the future was looking bright: Michael had come to accept that he was a gigolo who was always going to fancy palagi girls; Albert had finally hooked up with his co-worker Tania; Stanley, always the weird one, had managed to find himself a nice girl – one of the catering staff from the wedding; and Sefa had even got the guts to propose to his long term girlfriend, Leilani. And Bolo? Well, apparently his name is actually Paul. Fast-forward five years and things haven’t quite gone as the boys might have planned: Albert is now married to Tania and they are living on the North Shore, both working in insurance and also trying (unsuccessfully) to have a baby; Sefa and Leilani are still together and now have two kids although despite Sefa’s proposal, they’re still not married. And while Sefa’s business is going down the toilet, Leilani seems to be living life to the full; Stanley is now a trainee Deacon in something called the Future Church; Michael has moved to Australia but the boys don’t hear from him often; and Bolo has thrown in his job with Sefa and taken up work with Michael’s little brother, Sione. Growing up appears to be driving the Duckrockers apart but when one of life turns up an unexpected event and Bolo goes missing, their Minister once again brings them together and sends them on a quest. Their mission: to find one Samoan in the world’s largest Polynesian city. As the physical search for Bolo continues, each of the Duckrockers is also on a personal journey, of sorts. But of course, the boys being the boys, the way they deal with things can only go wrong…

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