Sione's Wedding 2

South Pacific Pictures


Private investigators John Lawless and Jodie Keane are hired by American Lana Vitale. This Beautiful stranger has come to collect the body of her husband Kyle -a computer expert- who the police say committed suicide. Lana wants to know why Kyle took his life. Lawless soon uncovers connection to a shady nightclub owner, Phil - Dangerous man who doesn't appreciate people snooping around his business. It seems Kyle helped Phil set up an internet porn operation. Lawless deduces Kyle had drugs in his body when he died and it's likely he didn't take his own life - he was murdered. While on the case, Jodie is drugged and nearly becomes a porn victim herself but is saved by Nat, a friend and lover of Kyle's. Meanwhile, romance sparks between Lawless and Lana- much to Jodie's annoyance. Jodie and Andy track down Phil's porn studio, but watch helplessly as another murder takes place. Lana makes an accusation about who murdered Kyle- but Jodie's investigations reveal another story

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