The Brokenwood Mysteries telefeature

South Pacific Pictures


Jodie Keane finds ex-undercover cop, John Lawless, working in a seedy bar and persuades him to help her with an investigation. Tough Texan Dean Riley is in jail for murder, but his wife Trina is adamant he stands wrongly accused. when Lawless learns his old enemy Inspector Snow headed the original enquiry , he sees a chance to get even and joins the investigation. When another girl is found murdered, Lawless believes there's a connection to the earlier case- and that Dean must be innocent. However the police refuse to re-open the case and Lawless and Jodie focus on finding the real killer. Clever detective work leads them to Graham, a vet. While Jodie and surveillance expect, Andy, watch Graham, Lawless learns that Dean has escaped prison and has gone gunning for Snow. Lawless managers to intercept Dean but is shot and wounded in the process, in an attempt to flush out Graham, Jodie makes herself bait but Graham realizes the ruse, savagely attacking Andy and taking Jodie prisoner. Despite his injuries, Lawless desperately tries to track her down. As her captor psychologically unravels, Jodie prays Lawless will arrive in time to save her.........

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