Last at 11
Last at 11 tells the story of a fictional news crew from a small inept daytime show. Granted access to the TeamNZ compound in the build-up to the America’s Cup, the team set about finding headline-grabbing news stories that will resurrect their careers.

Long Synopsis: Last At 11 is a short form miniseries on TVNZ OnDemand and recut into a special for TVNZ, in the style of the mockumentary television series The Games. Last at 11 allows the audience access to TeamNZ and information about their America’s Cup campaign, all-the-while wrapped up in an entertaining comedy. Last At 11 does not satirize the event or TeamNZ – instead it works to build support for the team, promote the event and make it accessible to the ordinary New Zealander. Directed by Jesse Griffin, produced by Rachel Jean, Last at 11 tells the story of a fictional news crew from a small inept daytime show, whose slow demise of the ratings means they are holding on to their jobs by the skin of their teeth. With the senior reporter absent, the junior reporter BJ Benson (Kimberley Crossman) is sent to find a headline-grabbing news story in the Team NZ’s America’s Cup compound. BJ sees this as an opportunity for the entire crew to escape the daytime slot, prove themselves and advance their careers. The rest of the team are; camera man Manny (Byron Coll), intern Randall (James Roque), production assistant Ruth (Becky Umbers), husband and wife news anchors Chris Davis (Paul Glover) and Phillipa Wilson-Davis (Renee Lyons), their makeup artist Tanya (Luci Hare), news producer Candy Bracewell (Kura Forrester), the station owner (Tom Sainsbury), his trophy wife (Liv Parker) and the station owner’s son Jonty (Arlo Gibson).

Directed by Jesse Griffin
Produced by Rachel Jean

Production Year

Web Series