How Clean Is Your House?

How Clean Is Your House? is a factual series in which two stern and uncompromising cleaning experts snoop around some of New Zealand's dirtiest homes and attempt to change the house cleaning habits of a nation.

The show's uncompromising hosts, the 'Queens of Clean', take hopeless homeowners by the hand and show them the way to cleaning nirvana.

First, they find out how things got so bad, taking their victims to task and exposing the habits of a lifetime that have led them to live in rooms of doom. It's not just what lurks on the surface (and under the couch) that will shock and disgust. Evon will also take viewers on bacteria patrol, scanning offending areas with special microbe and bug-detecting equipment. The results are laid out plainly to the resident grime offender - your house is alive!

Armed with her rubber gloves and tried and true cleaning products, viewers will watch with a mix of horror and fascination as Carolyn tackles the grot hotspots other people wouldn't dream of touching. But she won't be alone - oh no, the filth offenders will be down on their hands and knees too!

As she scrubs, Carolyn teaches the tricks of the trade. Viewers will learn how, within the frantic pace of the modern world, things can be done - quickly, easily, cheaply and ecologically. She shows the eager residents how to keep the stress out of the mess.

During the household deep cleanse viewers will rediscover household tips that used to be passed down from generation to generation but have been usurped by Messrs Muscle and Spray & Wipe. Viewers will find out how to become a true domestic god or goddess - without becoming a slave to your home.

How Clean Is Your House? is a make-over show with a difference, tackling a range of issues from hygiene and cleanliness to trade secrets and domestic short-cuts. It's not just about shiny taps - Carolyn and Evon scrub the grime, scrape the mould and delve into the deepest darkest nooks and crannies, usually ignored by the once-over-lightly (if at all) cleaning dash.


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