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The interrogation room is the stage for a battle of wills between cop and suspect, a claustrophobic arena where lies are told, the truth is revealed and crimes are solved. Did they do it? Or are they innocent? Are they lying or telling the truth? Who are they trying to protect? Why are they afraid? Interrogation is a 13-part crime series that exploits the drama of the interrogation room to tell a series of gripping stand-alone stories. Gritty, realistic and surprising, Interrogation explores the emotional impact crime has on its victims and on the police themselves. A feature of Interrogation is its strong visual style, described by the producers as 'guerilla drama'. The series has an edgy immediacy which is achieved by the use of wireless cameras that allow camera operators to move freely through the police station set and is enhanced by the use of footage shot on handicam and closed-circuit television. The unusual shooting style places high demands on the cast, and Interrogation stars some of New Zealand's finest actors. Luanne Gordon as Detective Sergeant Angela Darley; Scott Wills as Detective Constable Terry Skinner; Jay Bunyan as Police Constable Dean Salmon; Miriama McDowell as Police Constable Awhina James; John Leigh as Watchhouse Sergeant Phil Worth; Brian Sagala as Public Counter Sergeant Arthur Teleafava; and Peter Elliott as Detective Senior Sergeant Hamish Boyd. Guest cast include Andrew Robertt, Blair Strang, Ian Hughes, Joel Tobeck, Tim Balme, Claire Chitham and Jennifer Ward-Lealand. Interrogation screened in New Zealand on Prime Television with funding from NZ On Air.

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2006 Air New Zealand Screen Awards: Achievement in Editing (Drama) (Lisa Hough)

Air New Zealand Screen Awards: Script, Single Episode of a Drama Series/ Serial (Fiona Samuel) (Girl in Woods Non-Speaking)

2006 Air New Zealand Screen Awards: Performance by a Supporting Actress (Claire Chitham)

Harriet Crampton


Executive Producer(s):
John Barnett

Fiona Samuel, Maxine Fleming, Gavin Strawhan, Tim Balme, Scott Morrow, Nick Ward

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TV Series