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Rivers with Craig Potton
5 x 1hr factual series

An insightful and entertaining journey of New Zealand's waterways with acclaimed photographer and passionate land and ocean lover Craig Potton.

Voyage with world renowned and respected photographer and publisher Craig Potton as he tours New Zealand?s most significant waterways, delving into the depths and shallows to unearth the rich history of the local people and their relationship with some of the country's most significant rivers.

From boat to barge, bicycle to bare feet, Craig will take us on his own personal and insightful journey from source to sea, meeting colourful characters and through them discovering the stories - personal, historical, contemporary, political, cultural and mystical that flow our land.

New Zealand?s rivers are an integral part of the nation's history and the population still depends on them for electricity, drinking water, agriculture, recreation and they are an essential part of the country's tourism industry. Maori have a unique and defining relationship with the rivers, and New Zealand's artists, writers and filmmakers have all been greatly inspired by the nation's waterways. New Zealand's rivers tell us much about the progress and evolution of the country.

Craig will explore this progress uncovering fascinating themes of nature interpretation, and human stories of adventure and endurance, wonder and sometimes tragedy. The series will be light and engaging - the characters will be lively and their stories will offer contemporary New Zealanders a fascinating picture of past and present.

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Wayne Tourell, Stephen McQuillan, Sam Blackley

Stephen McQuillan, Leon Sefton, Mitchell Hawkes

Executive Producer(s):
John Barnett

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