52 x 1hr comedy/drama series (the prequel to Outrageous Fortune)...

Legendary safe-cracker and criminal Ted West and his wife Rita are the central characters of this comedy/drama series that is a prequel to Outrageous Fortune. The fourth series is set in 1983 Auckland, where the historical drama will take Outrageous Fortune's large and loyal audience on a journey into Ted and Rita's murky past, set against a backdrop of social and economic upheaval. Series 6 launches on Monday, 28th Septemner on Three. Made with the support of NZ On Air.

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  • Westside picked up Best Drama at the Huawei Mate20 NZTV Awards at the annual ceremony which recognises excellence in local television. Antonia Prebble also won the Best Actress category for her role as the show's matriarch, Rita West NZTV Awards

  • Westside has picked up a smashing five award nominations at the 2018 NZTV Awards, including a nod to leading lady, Antonia Prebble for Best Actress for the second year running. NZTV Awards

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  • It's 1981, a year of big hair, shoulder pads, a royal wedding, political turmoil and, for Rita West, freedom.Westside is back and Rita (Antonia Prebble) is out of jail. She served time after taking the rap for son Wolf, who shot Horseman gang member Cannonball. A lot has happened in the two years that Rita has been locked up. TV Guide

  • Westside's Todd Emerson (Bilkey van Heeder) is set to perform the award-winning play Daffodils at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The Daffodils team will put on a Benefit Gala on Friday 3 June at Auckland's Town Hall's Great Hall. The aim of the Gala is to help raise the funds needed to make the Edinburgh season of this critically claimed kiwi hit a reality.The evening will feature a performance of Daffodils by the original cast (Colleen Davis and Todd Emerson), with special guest performances by Tami Neilson, Julia Deans, Anika Moa, Trip Pony and LIPS. Press Release

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  • Sausage rolls and cheese and pineapple hedgehogs: these are the armaments of a long, dirty and hopelessly addictive crime war in TV3's witty and plot-twisty new local drama, Westside, Sunday. Jane Clifton

  • Expectations are a weird thing. They can transform a mediocre show into an acceptable one if they're low enough. Conversely, they can turn a fantastic show into an okay one by being too high. I've watched no new show in the last decade with higher expectations than the ones I sat down with to watch the debut of Outrageous Fortune prequel Westside at the weekend - and I'm delighted to say nearly every one was met. Stuff.co.nz

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  • Antonia Prebble (Outrageous Fortune, White Lies, The Blue Rose) and David de Lautour (The Kick, NCIS, Once Upon a Time) will headline the cast of South Pacific Pictures’ new comedy drama series WESTSIDE STORY, the six-part Outrageous Fortune prequel which is coming next year to TV3. TV3


Winner: Best Drama NZTV Awards 2019

Nominee: Best Drama; 2019 Huawei NZTV Awards

Silver Medal: New York Festivals Film and TV Awards 2019

Winner: Best Actress NZTV Awards 2018 (Antonia Prebble)

Winner: Best Drama NZTV Awards 2018

Bronze Medal: 2018 New York International Film and TV Awards; Drama

C21 International Drama Awards (Finalist: Best Returning Drama)

Nominee: Best Drama NZTV Awards

Best Drama: New York Festivals International Film & TV Awards


John Laing, Mark Beesley

Mark Beesley, Murray Keane, Simon Bennett

Executive Producer(s):
Chris Bailey, Kelly Martin

Rachel Lang & James Griffin

Mark Beesley
Murray Keane
Simon Bennett
Executive Producer
Chris Bailey
Executive Producer
Kelly Martin
John Laing
Mark Beesley
James Griffin
Rachel Lang
Antonia Prebble
Dan Musgrove
David de Lautour
Esther Stephens
Pana Hema-Taylor
Sophie Hambleton
Todd Emerson
Will Hall
Xavier Horan
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