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Go Girls Season 4


Go Girls Season 4

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Go Girls skips ahead one year in season four, and this time it’s about priorities, the price of success and deciding when it’s time to settle down. As always, there will be romance, twists, pathos and surprises along the way. So it’s another January, but one year on – and this is where we find the Go Girls: Britta has been through a very big change. In fine McMann tradition, she is the solo mum of a little girl, now four months old. Cody is running the garage and living with Possum. But on the romance front things have changed a lot. Amy is back on the Shore – and she’s a woman with ambitions. Brad returns, but a broken heart and overseas travel mean he’s a changed man. Olivia and Joel are doing well with their music and had a minor breakout hit that’s been sold for an ad. Kevin has been married to Amanda for more than a year, but he’s hardly seeing his friends these days. Rating: R16 Contains drug use,sex scenes and offensive language Region 4 DVD PAL