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Outrageous Fortune Season 3


Outrageous Fortune Season 3

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The third series of OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE sees West family matriarch Cheryl still battling to keep her family (and herself) on the straight and narrow. Both the men in her life are inside – Wolf after turning himself into the cops as part of his master plan to frame Judd; Judd because he fell in love with the wrong woman - Wolf’s woman. Van is still managing the Lucky Dollar Store and planning his dream wedding with Aurora. Jethro is branching out from defending the scum of the earth (and his family) to working for property developer Gary Savage. Pascalle is enthusiastically embracing both her new-found vocation in caring for the elderly and her new-found love for Dr Bruce Khan. Loretta is happily ensconced with her older man, Hayden, and is gleefully plotting her directorial debut, helming the next great erotic film, especially for women. STARRING: Robyn Malcolm, Antony Starr, Antonia Prebble, Siobhan Marshall, Frank Whitten SPECIAL FEATURES: Series 3 promo, Loretta’s blog, Photo Gallery CREATORS: James Griffin, Rachel Lang. Producer: John Laing. Executive Producers: John Barnett, Simon Bennett, Rachael Lang, James Griffin.