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Outrageous Fortune Book - The Insiders Guide


Outrageous Fortune Book - The Insiders Guide

$ 16.99


The ultimate guide to Outrageous Fortune takes you inside the household of the West family, stars of New Zealand’s most popular drama series ever — sampling the recipes and maternal wisdom of Cheryl, Pascalle’s handbag and life advice, Loretta’s evil blog, Van and Munter’s Tool Guys code, Ted’s tips on gambling and Wolf ’s skills with the media. Honestly, it’s all here: the complete West family tree (with an emphasis on roots not branches), an Outrageous Fortune drinking game and quiz, actor interviews and tons of up-close and revealing photos. And if that’s not good enough, we’ll send Falani and Sparky round to have a wee chat with you! Written by Rachel Lang, James Griffin & Tim Balme — the multi-award writing team behind Outrageous Fortune. Rachel and James are the show’s co-creators and co-producers.