Antonia Prebble as Rita & David de Lautour as Ted

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800 Words season one DVD


800 Words season one DVD

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For George Turner (Erik Thomson, Packed to the Rafters), a columnist for a popular Sydney newspaper and devoted father of teenage kids, Shay (Melina Vidler) and Arlo (Benson Jack Anthony), life has been pretty good. His biggest concern, aside from raising a family, is insuring he pens exactly 800 words in his weekly column for editor Jan (Bridie Carter, McLeod's Daughters). His precise word count is a personal quirk. It gives George control and stability, but that all vanishes when a family tragedy occurs.

Just as George his sanity and his decision to move to the seaside town of Weld in New Zealand, along comes Woody (Rick Donald), a fellow Aussie-import, surfer and handy-man - who may be as much of a hindrance as a help; and the women of Weld - four single local ladies who are intrigued by the new arrivals. They plan to become big players in whatever future awaits George and his family.