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The Brokenwood Mysteries - Series 7 DVD


The Brokenwood Mysteries - Series 7 DVD

$ 45.00


Brokenwood: Population 4900 and declining – slowly - one by one or,
two by two depending on the murder rate that week. Yes – murders do
happen here. They’re strange, disturbing and always baffling. They
come when you least expect them. They happen to people you care
about. They’re perpetrated by those you’d never suspect.
They’ll keep you guessing whodunit to the very end and the only
person who might be able to solve them is Brokenwood’s police team
– Senior Sergeant Mike Shepherd (Neill Rea) and his associates,
Detective Kristin Sims (Fern Sutherland), Detective Sam Been (Nic
Sampson), pathologist Gina Kadinsky (Cristina Ionda) and newcomer
Detective Daniel Chalmers (Jarod Rawiri).