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Nothing Trivial - Finale Telefeature on DVD


Nothing Trivial - Finale Telefeature on DVD

$ 14.99


In a very special one-off event, the Nothing Trivial telefeature picks up the fate of New Zealand’s favourite pub quiz team.

We last saw the five friends at the Beagle for Brian and Emma’s wedding, and it seemed that Catherine and Mac might finally be reconciled.

But when Catherine went to retrieve a letter for Mac – she was side wiped by a passing van.  In the season three cliff-hanger, Catherine’s fate was unknown...

As we pick up our story, Brian is now married to Emma - and has one child and another baby on the way.

Emma is determined to be a good wife and mother, but Brian has always been a hard dog to keep on the porch.

Brian now has to face up to big responsibilities – but when temptation is always just one hottie away – the question is: what could possibly make Brian man up enough to settle down?

Michelle is engaged to the handsome Richard.  But love hasn’t turned ball-busting Michelle into a pussycat.  She now discovers the man of her dreams has a fatal flaw - as she also faces temptation from her past.

But the most important question for our loyal fans will be about Catherine.  Is she alive or dead?

What is certainly true is: through this tragedy, Mac’s faith is ultimately tested and the consequences will change his life forever...

Heart-breaking, funny and romantic, the NOTHING TRIVIAL telefeature is a satisfying conclusion for the popular characters in this much-loved show.


This is a one-disc set. DVD code: universal.