Nothing Trivial - season 2 DVD


Nothing Trivial - season 2 DVD

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Nothing Trivial's five lovelorn friends are still avoiding the bigger problems in life by getting together each week at The Beagle’s pub quiz. But as their lives have moved forward and the lines of friendship have blurred, much has changed for the team members of Sex On A Stick.

Brian the ladies man has found love, but being in a long-term relationship is tough. Can he change? Can Emma trust him? Especially when they face the ultimate test of commitment. Catherine also has to face the fact that she’s never committed to anyone, and how well does she really know Jules? Mac has to try to move forward while dragging all that baggage from the past. And Michelle has taken a vow to no longer be bitter and angry.



Length (Minutes) - 607. Aspect Ratio - 1.78 : 1. Languages - English. Supported Audio - Dolby Digital Surround 2.0