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Beyond Reasonable Doubt


Beyond Reasonable Doubt

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June 22 1970. The discovery of a baby, alone in a deserted blood-stained farmhouse begins a series of events which will dominate headlines and leave the country divided for the next twenty years. No bodies, few clues, no motive. With little to go on, Inspector Bruce Hutton (David Hemmings) leads a massive rural search operation for missing couple Harvey and Jeanette Crewe. Local farmer Arthur Allen Thomas (John Hargreaves) is brought to the attention of the police. With the support of his friends, family and the media of the day, Arthur Thomas fights to clear his name. He will spend nine years in prison before a Royal Commission of Inquiry will clear his name and award him compensation for wrongful incarceration. Beyond Reasonable Doubt – The story of one man’s fight for justice and truth from the system that was meant to protect him. DVD PAL